What are Cosme Massi's thoughts on the most varied subjects.

Here you will find the opinion of Cosme Massi on diverse subjects, the majority of related them to the Spiritism. The inspiration to create this page was for the fact from that, all week, we all receive innumerable questions of studious of the spiritist doctrine of Brazil and the exterior, on diverse questions and also on the opinion of Cosme Massi in particular subjects. Now we share some of these yearnings and questionings with all by means of small videos. Also it is a way to leave some of its thoughts and its main settings registered on points of the doctrine and the life.

“Whoever is not doctrinal always is opened the new arguments and examines with attention, and spirit of charity, all the points of view that it they are contrary.” (stretch of the book “Spirit and Substance” of Cosme Massi).


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Spiritism for Cosme Massi

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