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COSME MASSI - A brief history in Spiritualism:

Writer, speaker, and student of science and Spiritist Philosophy in Allan Kardec for over 30 years. Creator of IPEAK- Instituto de Pesquisas Spiritists Allan Kardec and KARDECPEDIA multilingual and platform online free for studies of the works of Kardec. Author of educational materials and sites spiritualists (CDs, DVDs, seminars, lectures and debates). Author of publications spiritualists that comes helping thousands of people to study more and better the work "The Spirits’ Book": The Didactical Structure of The Spirits’ Book "and" Spirit and Matter: Philosophical Dialogues about the causes First.

COSME Damião Bastos MASSI - Some of his history in Spiritism:

Was born in the town of Three Rivers/RJ in 9/27/1958. To 14 years met the Spiritism through his brother, the older of his brothers, who invited him to attend the meetings of the Study Group - MOATAZ Spiritualist Faith and Hope. Ever since, he plunged deeply into the study of Spiritualism. He did read many spiritist authors and as a good as researcher, he testified and participated of diverse mediumship phenomena, therefore he knew that this experience would be important for their rational faith in your life reasoned of studies and research. And was in the deepening of the works and in the thought of Allan Kardec who found answers for its deeper investigations and its objects of studies in the years that would be followed. Beyond reading and knowing all the works written for Kardec, dived in the quantity indicated for Kardec in its “Rational Catalogue”, a directory of works against and in favor of the Spiritism, that demonstrates all the coherence and the good-sense of Kardec, as educator in the freedom of the training of thinkers of the Spiritism. Cosme Massi is also studious of the classic philosophers who had composed the thought of Allan Kardec until century XIX: Plato, Aristotle, Epicuro, Santo Agostinho, Immanuel Kant, René Descartes, Blaise Pascal, David Hume and others. With its more than 30 years of studies in logic, epistemology, physics, and spiritist science, affirms that amongst all the authors that was read, no set of work was so simple, deep, logical and coherent as thinking and creative it Spiritism: Allan Kardec.


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Cosme Massi - a brief professional story

Cosme Massi is Physicist for the UFRJ, Master and Doctor in Lógica and Epistemologia for the UNICAMP/SP. Winner of the prize Santista Mill in Mathematical Logic. He was Managing in diverse Institutions of Higher education of Brazil, Pro-Director of the Positive University and Member of the committee Technique of Evaluation CTA, in the period of 2004 to 2006, MEC/INEP. Creator of Systems of Educational Technology, Speaker and Redator of diverse articles in national media. Currently Center of Studies and Railway Research is Partner of the CEPEFER – and Partner of the HOPER EDUCATION, Academic Consultant and of Market of the Higher Education Institutions throughout the country.


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Cosme Massi as speaker

It was to the 14 years, in way to the shyness and the typical inexperience of an adolescent of simple family interior it Rio de Janeiro, that Cosme Massi initiated its activities as palestrante spiritist. Its performance of orator is attributed to it, all an experience guided in its profession of educator in schools, cramming and University of the whole country, where it acted, since professor of mathematics, physics and chemistry of fundamental education until person who orientates of master's degree and doctorate of courses as logical, epistemology and philosophy. Currently Cosme Massi possesses in its portfolio hundreds of accomplished lectures already, as much in its sites of work how much in the internet. Lectures these accomplished especially in Brazil, but also in other countries as Canada, England, France, Italy, Norway and Switzerland.

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